Wooden tie workshop

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Instead of paying 28€ for a wooden souvenir tie, we thought it would be much more affordable and fun to make our own. Thanks to prof.Košec-Tekavc who kindly prepared wooden ties for us to finish and patiently taught us how to do it, we saved money and can now proudly show off our work to others....

T-shirt printing

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Taking souvenirs on a whole new level, we decided to take home the most unique souvenir of Maribor; T-shirts with a Maribor sewerage print. The process of making prints is very simple and takes about 2 minutes and is actually really fun, besides getting a few strange looks from confused people passing by.  

Getting to know each other

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Nordic walking, VinoTOUR

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5 HOURS NORDIC WALKING (10th October 2017) Nordic walking is a total body version of walking. The activity is performed with specially designed walking poles similar to ski poles Our tour began and ended in Svečina with a few stops along the way. We visited a wine museum Kebl, located next to the Austrian wine road, where along with a look of the museum we were offered must. https://www.endomondo.com/users/10467245/workouts/1015084245 Later we stepped across the Austrian border in order to visit Ratscher Landhaus located directly at the South Styrian Wine Road. The hotel was renowated in 2017 and offers a high quality service and facilities. Our last stop was the most delicious one, we stopped for a well deserved lunch in vinotoč Pliberšek where we “upgraded” from must and now drank a real wine.  ...


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Welcome to our website! We would like to introduce you to our Erasmus+ project in which we participated with 3 project partners (Srednja šola za gostinstvo in turizem Maribor, Turističko- ugostiteljska škola Split, SUGS LAZAR TANEV Skopje). It’s a project in which students from different countries got together in order to participate together in daily activities, learn to introduce new ideas, learn languages, how to communicate with new people, and many other skills.